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searchI’m pretty sure I have always loved music. All kinds really.

Some songs though stand out as particularly powerful.

For me, one such song is U2’s, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.

The tone. The yearning and longing. The search for that which gives life meaning.

Do you know such a search?

I imagine you do, because I imagine such a longing is part of all of us. We all long for that which might give us direction. We all desire for our lives to have purpose. So we search.

Where we search. How we search. With whom we search. It makes a difference.

Perhaps what makes the biggest difference is that we don’t give up the search. That’s probably what I like most about U2’s hit of the late ’80’s. Even when we find God, the search doesn’t end there. Like all relationships, we continue to search…search for ways to grow deeper, search for ways to love more fully, search for opportunities to give and share.

Never give up the search.

It’s worth it.

You’re not alone in the searching.

Life is better together,

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