Bless [1Word5Voices]

I had been to weddings and funerals, but my most meaningful exposure to Church was through a youth group. Though there is much I could share about my experiences as a youth, today’s word “bless” immediately conjured up images of how each youth gathering ended. Imagine a bunch of students holding hands in a circle. Imagine […]

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Appreciating Online Community

There’s something pretty cool about celebrating a birthday in today’s cyber-world. High school classmates, distant relatives, church friends, co-workers.  The flood of well wishes leaves one feeling noticed, valued, important. At least those are some of the things I’ve experienced this trip around the sun as observed via social media. Now when I was a young child, birthdays were grand events, […]

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Thinking Of You

It’s wonderful to be thought of. Today I received a message from some friends who are enjoying a wonderful time at Disney World.  They took a picture outside the StarTours ride (a StarWars fan’s dream come true) saying “Wish you were here!” Now, they might not really wish I was there, but upon seeing the […]

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