be: Red Letter Challenge

There are many types of people in the world, though if I had to lump everyone in just two boxes I’d assign some to a box labeled “Be.” and the rest to a box labeled “Do.” Yes, overly simplistic. Yes, there are a bazillion nuances to people and no one fits in just one “box.” […]

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walk: Red Letter Challenge

She asked if I wanted to take a walk. I only hesitated a moment before deciding a walk was the perfect way to start the day. A trip around the lake with a beautiful girl and a dog, who wouldn’t say yes to that? Of course, I don’t always say yes. Sometimes I get my […]

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Known To Be Known

Relationships are messy. The expectations. The hopes and fears. The excitement and disappointments. Yet, figuring out how to connect with others, more specifically how to love and be loved, stands as our greatest life’s work. So, we enter into the messiness of relationships. Doing so we discover the messiness isn’t an unfortunate byproduct, the struggle […]

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