Covenant [1Word5Voices]

No one stands at the altar (physically or metaphorically) to get married thinking “This is going to end in pain and suffering and heartache.” Yet we know many marriages will end in just those ways. So will friendships and employment and memberships and a variety of other relationships. Why? Without oversimplifying the complexity and wide-range […]

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Alone [1Word5Voices]

There are a few variations, but many will remember the nursery rhyme, The Farmer in the Dell (here’s one way it has been sung). For the uninitiated, the song is little more than a string of relationships. The Farmer takes a wife, who takes a child, who takes a nurse, who takes a cow, who […]

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If there is a consistent theme in my preaching and writing, it is relationships. GOD is Father, Son and Holy Spirit…relationship. The whole of Scripture comes down to “love God and love others”…relationship. So I am a bit embarrassed to relate the following story of how I did not do a good job of living […]

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