pursue: Red Letter Challenge

You can pursue your passions. You can pursue a career. You can pursue a dream. This Lent I have had the opportunity to think more about what I pursue. One of the guys who has helped me think through what I am chasing after, what I seek, what I really want in this life is […]

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rich: Red Letter Challenge

I’m one of those kids that didn’t want for much growing up. My needs were met and sometimes even my wants. With that said, I rarely had the top name brands. Those were for the “rich” kids, and we weren’t rich. Fast-forward to my first job and my first paycheck. What did I do? I […]

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Known To Be Known

Relationships are messy. The expectations. The hopes and fears. The excitement and disappointments. Yet, figuring out how to connect with others, more specifically how to love and be loved, stands as our greatest life’s work. So, we enter into the messiness of relationships. Doing so we discover the messiness isn’t an unfortunate byproduct, the struggle […]

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