Sabbath [1Word5Voices]

Walking along the edge of a pond, looking for life in the shallows, searching for eyes among the algae and other plant life. Marveling at God’s creation in this tiny universe of water and weeds and swimmy things. Concluding the birthday party, packing up the car, and stopping to look up at the night sky, […]

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Beloved [1Word5Voices]

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to get through this thing called…life.” So begins one of my favorite Prince songs, Let’s Go Crazy.┬áBut just getting through life is such an uninspired goal. Life isn’t to be endured, it is to be celebrated! I’m particularly aware of celebrating life with my beloved as today my […]

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Wait [1Word5Voices]

Funny that this Lent, I am thinking about Christmas. You see, when I was a child living at home my parents would set up the tree, wrap the gifts and make us wait for December 25 to open our surprises (most years they did let us open “please, just one present!?” on Christmas Eve). I’m […]

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