Sabbath [1Word5Voices]

Walking along the edge of a pond, looking for life in the shallows, searching for eyes among the algae and other plant life. Marveling at God’s creation in this tiny universe of water and weeds and swimmy things.

Concluding the birthday party, packing up the car, and stopping to look up at the night sky, noticing the beauty of the star-filled heavens.

Entering the empty sanctuary, leaving the lights off, and just enjoying the sunlight streaming through the stained-glass.

These are Sabbath.


This is not how I used to think about Sabbath. Once upon a time, i believed Sabbath was a day to unplug from the routine and do whatever I wanted. Read a book. Play a game. Take a nap. No chores or duties or work. Just a relaxed enjoyment of the day.

I missed the point.

Sabbath is being present with God. Being aware of God’s presence.

Sabbath isn’t an escape from life, it’s a pause from everything that is not life. It’s a focusing on God. It is to “work” on the relationship between God and myself.

It can be fun. It can be relaxing. It can be a time away and set apart.

It can also be found in watching a children’s community theater play. It can be driving through rush hour with the windows rolled down. It can be a walk down a dirt path or some time spent sitting on the porch watching the cat watching the birds and bugs.

Spending time with God is the thing. Spending time letting God refresh and renew you is the purpose.

Worry less about the specific day or time or even place. Consider instead, why and how you can make yourself more available to God, more open to God’s grace, more in tune with God moving through the universe. Then you will find and enjoy Sabbath.

Life is better together,

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