Is This What You Want?

I’m not much of a chocolate fan. I know some will stop reading right there. “Nobody who admits to less than complete devotion to chocolate is worth my time.” Hey, I get it. Chocolate is powerful stuff. I just don’t particularly crave it or miss it when I don’t have it around. As we begin […]

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See (Lent #3)

Glasses.  Do you wear them? I do and have for more than twenty years now. When I didn’t have glasses, I made do, but the world was smeared and fuzzy.  Or more precisely, my experience of the world was.  I could see, but my seeing was a distortion. Today, I am thinking about how I have a […]

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Who Am I? (Lent #1)

Who am I? The perfect question to begin Lent. Appropriately introspective.  Clearly self-reflective. But, where does one begin to answer?  Here are a few of the things I am…   I am a man. I am a white man. I am privileged. I am educated. I am generally healthy. I am a husband and father. […]

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