See (Lent #3)

Glasses to SeeGlasses.  Do you wear them?

I do and have for more than twenty years now.

When I didn’t have glasses, I made do, but the world was smeared and fuzzy.  Or more precisely, my experience of the world was.  I could see, but my seeing was a distortion.

Today, I am thinking about how I have a similarly distorted view of myself (and those around me).

The details are blurred.  My perspective is off.  My depth of vision is less than it could be.

So, I look inward.

I try to see through Jesus’ eyes.  I try to notice the hidden pieces.  The parts shadowed and hard to make out.  The parts I don’t really want to look at.

And because I am seeing through the 20/20 vision of Christ,  I see these parts of me are not to be feared or avoided.  I see that compared to the grace and love and light in me, I can let these bits of me be exposed to the light.  I
 can let them be what they are, part of a man on a journey.  A man who has failings and faults, but who can also see these failings and faults do not define him.

I can see because I have been seen. I can see because I am being seen.

Vulnerable and exposed, but forgiven and free.  I needed to see this today.  Perhaps you need to see the same for yourself?


Life is better together,



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