Joplin…Hope Lives

Nearly one year ago, a tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri.

Over 150 died in the storm.

Thousands lost homes, jobs, property.

Everyone you talk to can share a story of the death and devastation that took place.

Today, some of our friends from Joplin made the two-hour trip to Woods Chapel to say “Thank you for what you’ve done.”

Something inside them wanted to let us know how much it meant (and means) for us to be connected to them.  As they continue to grieve and rebuild and piece together a new Joplin, they needed to give back.  So, the church was presented with a framed photo with some words of thanks printed alongside it.

Sometimes we give.  Sometimes we receive.  All the time we should remember we need each other.

Natural disaster shouldn’t be the only time we help our neighbors.  When life is lost or threatened shouldn’t be the only catalyst to reaching out in love.  Choosing to care for our neighbors is a choice.  Christ followers shouldn’t struggle much with how to choose.

Our Joplin friends will never forget the horror of that day.  And yet, running alongside those memories are images of what it looks like when the body of Christ moves and acts.  Perhaps that is the greatest reason we need each other…so we will not forget, so we can be encouraged, so we can experience hope living in and through us.

Life is better together,

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