Multiple Personality Mothers

Just a quick note as we near the close of Mother’s Day…

Mothers are not perfect.
Mothers are not superheroes.
Mothers are not right all the time.
Mothers make mistakes.
Mothers get it wrong.
Mothers hurt.
Mothers struggle.
Mothers lie.
Mothers cheat.
Mothers steal.
Mothers let us down.
Mothers are tempted.
Mothers are selfish.
Mothers are proud.
Mothers fight.
Mothers are human.

Mothers make the world a place worth living in.
Mothers share.
Mothers give.
Mothers sacrifice.
Mothers weep.
Mothers encourage.
Mothers laugh.
Mothers comfort.
Mothers dance.
Mothers listen.
Mothers care.
Mothers nurture.
Mothers protect.
Mothers build up.
Mothers love.
Mothers are divine.

Life is better together (and only made possible because of God’s gift called mothers),

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