I’m meeting with a group of guys studying, The Tangible Kingdom Primer.  A guy I know from out-of-town happens into the restaurant/bar where we meet.  We share some pleasantries.  As I’m leaving the group and heading toward home, I think to stop by and say farewell to the out-of-towner.  We talk.  He points me toward another book I should check out.  I scribble down a quick note to remind myself.  A couple of weeks go by.  I’ve misplaced the note, but find it again.  I do a search.  I wind up at…

People of the Second Chance

I like what I see.  I begin poking around the site.  I stumble upon the phrase “grace mob“.  My mind races.

Now friends, I don’t need to tell you there are some folks in this world that just aren’t very nice.  There are some situations that we wish we didn’t have to endure.  There are places we don’t want to go and stuff we don’t want to deal with.  Sometimes the world feels ugly and miserable and broken and living in it makes us feel these ways too.

Grace Mobs are one way to push the darkness back.

Spend some time at People of the Second Chance and read about them for yourself.  Better yet, don’t just read about them…let’s join in.

Here’s the deal:

  • You see someone being mean on facebook or twitter or some other social site
  • You gather a “mob” and share some grace and love

Every negative post gets met with hundreds of positive ones.

Every hurtful, biting comment, gets smothered by praise and affirmation.

Every slam, slur, and gripe, gets washed away by a flood of uplifting, hopeful, helpful thoughts.

Spreading grace and love.  Real.  Tangible.  Doable.

Grace Mob…now!

Life is better together,

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