Can You Imagine it?

In the Tangible Kingdom Primer, Hugh Halter and Matt Smay share,

Creating opportunities for people to participate in the Christian community is a key part of building the tangible kingdom of God.  When we see people outside, we go outside to talk.  When a block party invitation is given, we go, or we host one.  When the snows fall hard, we shovel everyone’s sidewalk.  When a neighbor’s child is in a school play or athletic event, we show up to support them.  We’re the ones that bake holiday cookies for co-workers and neighbors.

Can you imagine it?  A world where we all lived this way?

Incarnation is one of those words I don’t typically throw around, but that’s what this is.  Jesus living in and through us.  For what purpose?  So others can be connected in the community he draws together.  A Tangible Kingdom!  Real.  Able to be experienced in the hear-and-now.  A flesh-and-blood, living, breathing community.

I want to be a part of such a community.  I want to participate in the building of such a kingdom.

What do I do to start?

  • Go outside and talk to people when they are outside.
  • Hang out with my neighbors.
  • Help out when and where I can.
  • Support the children I know by being involved in what interests them.
  • Find ways to show people they matter.

I can do this.  I can take these steps.

And the good news is you can as well.  We all can.  And if we all did…can you imagine it?

Life is better together,

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