Return (Lent #2)

prodigal returningThere once was a young man who was a punk.  His name was Shawn.

He had every advantage a guy could want.  His family loved him very much.

One day, Shawn the Punk was thinking, “I’m ready to have some fun.  These people are nice and all, but it’s time to get this party started.”

And party he did.

He found a job working long hours.  This was not the party.

He drove a car of questionable quality; entering through the back hatch as the door handles all eventually broke off.  This was not the party.

He had to pay bills, though he often missed due dates and began avoiding creditors.  This was not the party.

After running around all day and night meeting the needs of others, he would get together with other Punks and buy up booze and snacks and turn the music up real loud and play card and dice games and try not to think too much about where he had come from or the people he had left behind.  This was the party.

The party went on for some time.

And then Shawn the Punk met a girl.  A couple of his friends gave him a talking to.  He admitted the party wasn’t filling the hole in his heart.

He started on a journey back home.

[Jesus tells it better.  Check it out here.]

Shawn is still a Punk.  But he learned and today remembered, it’s never too late to go back.  It’s never too late to make a change.  It’s never too late to return.

Life is better together,

In case you missed the method behind the madness.  It’s all explained here.

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