Live (Lent #11)

Coming up for air…Sabbath


Back at it…


That’s a bit how today feels.  You have probably experienced a day (or a life?) like this.

Child #1 has a tournament in another city, just a short 1.5 hrs. away.

Child #2 has a couple of games, close to home, but a couple of hours into Child #1’s tournament.

There’s a company party you agreed to emcee tonight.

Your back still hurts from shoveling the blizzard off your drive and you’re thinking a nap would be perfect right about….now.

You got inspired to post daily during this Lent and you’re starting to feel the grind of such a discipline.

Your message for Sunday needs a bit more work. (trying not to think about the other Sunday commitments)

There is a meeting scheduled for Tuesday night, they need a pastor, you’re the only one who hasn’t said no yet to the email chain that’s scrolling on your phone.

Tuesday night is when you were able to reschedule your haircut that was cancelled due to the blizzard.


In the grand scheme of things, none of this is a big deal.  Well, maybe showing up to support the kids.  It’s all good stuff.  It’s life.  And most of us can relate to my day.  Pulled in multiple directions, treading water, smiling, smiling, smiling and trying to keep it all together.

This is life.

At least it is what most of us have decided is life.  Busy, busy life.

But is this what life is supposed to be? Is this truly living?

At the end of John 10:10 (The Message), Jesus says, “I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.”

Real and eternal life.  More and better life.

Today has been a great day, but am I missing out on real, eternal, more and better?

What about you?Am I letting my busy-ness come in to steal life from me?

I want to live.  Not just go through the motions.  Not simply filling up my days running from this to that.  I want to live.  To enjoy.   To celebrate.  To dance and sing and laugh and play.

Now, I find tomorrow’s message has sneaked up on me.  The topic?


Can I truly say I live if I can’t say I practice Sabbath?  Or put another way, is Sabbath essential to truly live?

I say, to live we must “remember the Sabbath”.

If you want a longer explanation, I invite you to stop by the church tomorrow or check out the message online.

And if you would live…find your Sabbath time.


Life s better together,

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