sabbath: Red Letter Challenge

There was a time, when I was much younger, when I resisted naps. I am not sure if I thought I’d miss out on something big or if I believed naps were an adult conspiracy to have fun without me (this is partly true). Whatever the case, I have had my aversion for napping lifted […]

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Sabbath [1Word5Voices]

Walking along the edge of a pond, looking for life in the shallows, searching for eyes among the algae and other plant life. Marveling at God’s creation in this tiny universe of water and weeds and swimmy things. Concluding the birthday party, packing up the car, and stopping to look up at the night sky, […]

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Live (Lent #11)

Coming up for air… GASP Back at it…   That’s a bit how today feels.  You have probably experienced a day (or a life?) like this. Child #1 has a tournament in another city, just a short 1.5 hrs. away. Child #2 has a couple of games, close to home, but a couple of hours into Child […]

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