Leave (Lent #18)

leaveMaking this quick…running out the door.

We’re leaving the house on our way to grocery shopping, clothes shopping, volleyball games, meeting friends for dinner, dropping off a kid for a sleep over.

Just a normal day.

The challenge:  where do I see, experience, recognize, honor God in a day where we find ourselves constantly on the go?

What does it take to remember God, not just in the slowed down quite time, but in the middle of the day, in the middle of life?

It must be this, right?

Carving out even a few minutes in the midst of leaving to say, God never leaves.  God is always with us.  In the wilderness.  On the mountain tops.  In the tropical paradise.  On aisle 5.  In the parking lot and the gym and the mall.  God hasn’t and won’t leave.

So easy for me to forget…me the guy that is always leaving.

Maybe like John Wesley, my final words before I leave this earth will be, “Best of all, God is with us.”


Life is better together,

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