Ate (Lent #26)

muffinThis morning I ate a delicious cranberry muffin.  It was fresh and tasty.  It practically crumbled in my mouth.  Wonderful.  Accompanied by a fresh cup of coffee, I gobbled it up and was felt pretty good.

All I had to do to enjoy my breakfast was to exchange a bit of money for it.  I just asked for it, gave the money, and I sat down in a nice chair in a safe, well-lit, cozy, warm room.

I ate and didn’t have to wonder where the cranberries were grown.  I ate and didn’t think about the farmers who grew the ingredients that became the muffin.  I ate and I didn’t give more than a passing thought to the people who served the muffin to me.  I ate without fear of sickness or attack or danger of any kind.

As I reflect today I realize this is crazy.  Such gifts should not be taken for granted.

I remember Jesus went without food in the wilderness.  As a Lenten practice, some fast as a way of identifying with Christ’s experience.   I ate today and didn’t even think about it.  Just consumed breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tomorrow, I am fasting.  Not much of a sacrifice, but I’m hoping I will become more aware of food.  More aware of how God provides for my needs.  More aware of those whose labor is exchanged for the meals I enjoy.

If you can, maybe you’ll join me sometime this week in a fast.  Not just skipping a meal or two, but an opportunity to recognize the gifts of food and sustenance we often take for granted.

Life is better together,

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