Happy (Lent #27)

puking rainbowsHappy Birthday!  Happy Anniversary!  Happy New Year!

We like to wish each other happiness.  We like to be happy.

But wishing and being can be two very different things.  The truth of the matter is many of us live lives of “quiet desperation” with “happy” a seemingly unattainable dream.

What if happy is a state of mind?  What if we can decide to celebrate the simple pleasures?  What if happy is all around us waiting to be explored and discovered and shared?  What if we could all be so happy we’d find ourselves puking rainbows?

Yes, puking rainbows.

Happy that couldn’t be contained, it would just flow out of us.  Okay, I don’t like regurgitating anything, but go with me on this.

Have you ever listened to a baby laugh?  It’s contagious.  You can’t help but to start laughing along.

Have you ever seen a cat jump up into the air after being surprised by (fill in the blank).  Now, that’s funny.

Have you pulled a prank, told a joke, shared a story that turned into one of those tears running down the face, unable to breathe, whole body quivering, laughing fits?

A good friend of mine and I used to just giggle.  Just one of us giggling.  And before long, we were sobbing great happy tears as we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Happy is a state of mind and it is a gift.  It is a releasing of built up pressure.  It is medicine to cure what ails ya.  It is light in the darkness.

So what is it that brings you happiness?

Can you think of something simple?  Something easy to find?  Something common and ordinary, often encountered, part of the routine?

I’m thinking about sunshine warming my face.  The laughter of my wife and kids (I need to help make this happen more…it is such a good sound).  Smiling at strangers and watching them smile back.  Holding open doors.  Doodling.  Naps.  Carrot cake.  A warm cup of coffee on a lazy afternoon talking with my best friend (I need to set these dates with my wife up more often).  Wrestling with a big dog.  Scratching the chin of a fat cat.  Reading way past bedtime.  Dragonflies.  Tucking the monkeys into bed as they ask for one more hug.  Anything ocean.  Anything pasta.  Game nights.  That peach cobblery stuff Grandma made (just the memory brings me joy).  Knocking over more pins this week that I did last.

I could go on and on.  Can you?

We might not puke rainbows every day, but every once in a while is good for us.  It starts with a giggle, with a smile, with time, with presence, with paying attention, with a willingness to experience and share joy.

We can do this.  Let’s make some happy!

Life is better together,

One thought on “Happy (Lent #27)

  1. Something that makes me happy, very happy, is when my grandkids see me, their eyes light up, their arms go up, their voices go up, as they exclaime, “Bah Bah!!” and come running into my arms. Man, there’s not much more on this earth that makes me as happy as that.


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