Announce [1Word5Voices]

It’s that time again. It’s Lent.

Time to wander through the wilderness. Time to wrestle with our mortality and our demons.

Time to speak the name of our Sin, even if we only whisper the words in our mind.

Time to take time,  or more accurately to receive time, to consider needed change in our lives.

As has been my practice the past couple of years, I will be joining others sharing thoughts and images and music as we navigate the 40 days of Lent (that’s where “1Word5Voices” comes in].

Perhaps you’ll journey with us and with all those who chose to observe this holy time of centering, reflection and transformation. Maybe you’ll decide to write or share a picture or offer up your unique way of participating in Lent. Check out the experiment here.

announceAnd that is how Lent begins for me…with an announcement.

It’s time to start. Here we go! Come and pray. Spend some time with God. Consider life; what’s been done and what’s been undone. Remember (or learn about) Jesus driven into the wilderness.

The telling of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness ends with angels coming to care for him. I wonder if they were the same ones who announced his birth? Were they the same ones who would proclaim him risen from the grave?

Do they still speak?

What might they share with me in the deserted places? In my wilderness?

What am I sharing with others? What does my life announce about Jesus’? What do the ashes on my forehead communicate about my faith, my love, my life?

These are the questions my Lent stirs up. I embrace the challenge of seeking the answers these coming weeks.

Life is better together,


Check out a few of my friends taking this journey with me…


3 thoughts on “Announce [1Word5Voices]

  1. Really excited to be doing this with you. Loved the question about the same angels. Always thinking of things that I never have. Together, my friend, we go.


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