Is This What You Want?

I’m not much of a chocolate fan. I know some will stop reading right there. “Nobody who admits to less than complete devotion to chocolate is worth my time.” Hey, I get it. Chocolate is powerful stuff. I just don’t particularly crave it or miss it when I don’t have it around. As we begin […]

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Mighty [1Word5Voices]

For much of history the aphorism, “might makes right” has ruled the day. The ones with the strongest soldiers, the most muscle, the greatest firepower have been able to impose their will on other “weaker” opponents. Though “the pen is mightier than the sword”, may be true, try telling that to a young boy or […]

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Voice [1Word5Voices]

I like to talk. To sit around and “chew the fat” (that’s actually pretty gross). To bounce ideas off others and hear what they think about the world. As a pastor who preaches, some might even agree talking is my job. Here’s the thing I’ve come to understand about talking…sometimes we talk and we don’t […]

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