pursue: Red Letter Challenge

You can pursue your passions. You can pursue a career. You can pursue a dream.

This Lent I have had the opportunity to think more about what I pursue. One of the guys who has helped me think through what I am chasing after, what I seek, what I really want in this life is my good friend, Doug Franklin. (pictured above in green with the invisible hair)

Doug is one of those dudes who loves life. He is a pastor and husband and a father. He is also a good friend. One of the things I appreciate about Doug is his fierce commitment to people.

We met somewhere right before I entered seminary many moons ago. While in seminary, I remember Doug wearing a cross made of wire I told him I really liked. Without hesitation he took it off and handed it to me. That’s the kind of man Doug is.

He tells me I don’t have to knock at his house. What’s in his fridge is fair game. My kid needs a ride, he’s there. He’s a gracious host and a patient listener.

He is not perfect and he doesn’t walk on water, though he does love the ocean. Even so, he passionately pursues a relationship with Jesus and this is why he loves people so well.

I hope one day when I grow up, I might be a little more like Doug because then I know I’ll be a lot more like Jesus.

Life is better (with gigantic cinnamon rolls and coffee) together,

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