Voice [1Word5Voices]

voiceI like to talk. To sit around and “chew the fat” (that’s actually pretty gross). To bounce ideas off others and hear what they think about the world. As a pastor who preaches, some might even agree talking is my job.

Here’s the thing I’ve come to understand about talking…sometimes we talk and we don’t really say anything at all. Words slip through our lips, but they don’t have any life in them. Worse yet, I sometimes find myself talking and a part of my brain hears the words and asks, “Why are you saying that? That’s not you. It’s not what you think or believe.”

Which leads me to think of the conversation I just had with a colleague.

We were talking about “voice”.

I think what she meant by voice was her authentic self sharing her convictions.

This is more than talking. This isn’t just words strung together and blown out into the world. This is identity and vulnerability and power.

When I think of voice I recognize we can surrender our voice or stifle it. We can allow others to co-opt our voice. We can use our voice to advocate, to promote, to crush, to confront, to encourage, and more.

This Lent, I am hoping to become more like John who claimed to be, and is recognized as, a “voice calling out in the wilderness”. (cf. Matthew 3:1-3, Mark 1:2-5, Luke 3:2-6, John 1:23, and Isaiah 40:3)

He used his voice to point others toward Christ. He didn’t try to invent a new message or convince folks of anything. He wasn’t interested in entertaining or self-promotion. His voice was used for one purpose; to help the wilderness wanderers discover The Way.

I have a voice as do you. How will we use them? May our voices be used to draw others to Jesus.

Life is better together,


So, I’m blogging through the Rethink Church “photo-a-day” practice. If you’re interested, check it out yourself and/or see what a few of my friends taking this journey with me have to share…


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