Remember Me?

Last night I had an opportunity to celebrate Communion with a small group as part of the conclusion of their almost nine-month long study.

Nine months is a good chunk of time.  Babies can be born in that time.  School years are as long.  Seasons change (a couple of times).

In nine months you get to know folks.  At least you have an opportunity to.

This group shared some pretty deep stuff about their own personal lives and the ways in which they are exploring their faith.  They’ve wrestled with questions and they have supported one another through some difficulties.  They’ve prayed and joked and celebrated together.

Last night, they chose to share Communion as a way of expressing the culmination of all these experiences.  They understood their weekly communing as part of something bigger…as particpating in the Communion made possible through Jesus.

Now, some folks don’t like to participate in Communion.  Some think it’s an empty ritual (and I have experienced times when it is).  Some think it’s fine, but only once in a while so it doesn’t get to stale or lose it’s significance.

If we all started seeing Communion the way this small group did last night, I wonder if such folks might have a different perspective?  I wonder if they’d ever get enough of that kind of connection to Jesus?  I wonder if such communion could change our communities, our families, our lives?

During our celebration of Communion, we recalled Jesus’ words to “remember me”.  To re-member. To make the body whole again.  I’m willing to particpate in that any chance I get.

Life is better together,

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