Drive-thru Jesus

I’m finding the really good stuff in life takes time.  You’ve got to work hard to earn an education.  You have to do quite a bit of chopping and slicing and dicing to make an excellent meal.  You have to spend a lot of time with someone to become really good friends.

I’m reflecting on this today as I’m just finishing up lunch with some church friends.

The meal took more than five minutes to prepare.  the conversation wound around many subjects.  The seconds turned to minutes turned to hours.

That’s the way it is with Jesus too.

I’ve been guilty of wanting a drive-thru Jesus.  Place my prayer (read order) and in a few minutes have what I’ve asked for (read what I think I deserve).

Maybe this has been your experience with Jesus.  Unwilling to put in the time to develop much of a relationship.  Uncomfortable waiting on blessings.  Unwittingly missing out on the “good stuff’ because you don’t like the idea of slowing down…not even for God.

Ouch.  This is me so often.

Today, I rushed through the morning.  Preaching, praying, baptizing, shaking hands, sharing information, offering greetings, cracking jokes, buzz…buzz…buzz.  I’m such a busy bee.

As I’ve settled down for a few minutes, I realize, God doesn’t want a busy me; God wantd time with me.

It was over a long, slow lunch with some friends that God finally got through.  For that I’m thankful.

Life is better together,

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