Top 5 Ways to Identify Your Friends

#1  MOVE

Anywhere.  Across the country.  Across the state.  Across town.  From one floor of the apartment complex to another.

Moving is one of the most dreaded of all life’s activities.  You want to know who your friends are?  Tell people around you need help with a move.  The folks that show up on move day?  Those are your friends.

#2 – #5  SEE #1

I put it to the test this weekend.

Picking up the truck…still able to smile (though it appears I’m scowling into the sun).

After it was all crammed in…not sure who had enough strength to hold a camera.

Thanks for the friends who showed up and made the dreaded just slightly inconvenient.  When it’s your turn, I’ll be there.

Life is better together (and moving is so much easier),

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