Get Off Me!

“Okay, so most of the church is stuck and has been for nearly 1,700 years.  But we must change.  And we must change now.”
Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, The Tangible Kingdom, pg. 59


If you’ve had a similar thought.

If you sense there could be more the Church is called to be and do.

If you are among those who feel a similar pull toward a God that is bigger than the one often represented (misrepresented) in the Church.


Get off my back!


I say that with tounge-in-cheek.  Truth be told, I’m with you.  Even though, I am among the guilty when it comes to too often peddling a soft, comfortable, containable, mediocre, vending-machine God.

And yet…

Can the answer be as simple as fostering and participating in “incarnational community”?

I’m hearing from a group of friends that are all but screaming, “YES!”

They sat down with The Tangible Kingdom primer and began working through the resource.  Hour long sessions evolved into three-hour long gatherings…they couldn’t get enough of what was happening in and through the group.  Serving and sharing and recognizing God in the world.

When the resource suggested they get together and “make fondue”, they laughed.  “Really?  Fondue?”

In the sharing of the simple experience, they discovered a deeper sense of community (of Communion?).  And now they are hassling me to drink the Kool-aid and start another group.  A group that will be intentional about the  way we live together and the things we do in the world.  A group that will not only claim “the church is stuck”, but who will begin/continue the hard work of getting unstuck.  Of being and doing Church again…incarnationally, intentionally, communally.

I want to say, “leave me alone”.

I want to sit in my chair and write blog posts about community.

I want.

I want.

I want.

And then there is what I need.  Perhaps what you need?  There is the point of this blog…we are meant to live together…we are created for community.

Oh well, I suppose there’s nothing for it, but to practice what I’m preaching.  Buckle up and hold on.  I’m sure this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Life is better together,

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