Can You Imagine it?

In the Tangible Kingdom Primer, Hugh Halter and Matt Smay share, Creating opportunities for people to participate in the Christian community is a key part of building the tangible kingdom of God.  When we see people outside, we go outside to talk.  When a block party invitation is given, we go, or we host one.  […]

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Hidden Meaning in Avengers?

“People will naturally gravitate toward experiences that are meaningful, and the most meaningful experience a person can have in this life is to feel connected with God – to know that God is leading their lives, challenging them, interacting with them, and using them to change the world. The common message of controlling sin, going […]

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Get Off Me!

“Okay, so most of the church is stuck and has been for nearly 1,700 years.  But we must change.  And we must change now.” Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, The Tangible Kingdom, pg. 59   If you’ve had a similar thought. If you sense there could be more the Church is called to be and do. […]

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