What I Learned From a Meatball

Are we going to let a little thing like reality to get in the way of us accomplishing our dreams?

Sure, I’m all for planning and counting the cost and such, but is there a point when we say, “I really don’t know how this can happen, but I’m going to work toward it anyway!”

Isn’t this the attitude that  leads to “miracle” breakthroughs in any field?

Isn’t this the posture of one who believes impossible means it just hasn’t been done yet?

Isn’t this the way all great things come to be?

Believing there will be a way where there is now no way.

Need to see this is in action and have a good laugh at the same time?  Get a copy of Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs.  (based on this classic)  May be my favorite animated film of all time.

I’m not thinking of abandoning my rubber band ball, but when it comes to what we can learn about relationships and what it looks like to do life together, this film gets a five rubber band ball rating.  Have fun.

Life is better together,

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