Walk It Off

Just getting back from a walk to raise money to help homeless/near homeless families.

Last month I participated in a walk to raise money to fund research for multiple-sclerosis.

There are walks and runs and benefits probably every weekend the weather permits and likely a few when it doesn’t.

So I want to encourage you.  Find a cause to support.  Something you care about.  Something you are personally connected to.  Something that keeps you up at night or that you know you/we should/can do something about.

And support it.

Do the walks.  Raise the funds.  Attend the benefits.  Make the donation of time and talent and resources.  Get other folks involved.  Spread the word.  Share your passion.  Work for change.  Transform the world.

At the end of the day you might not call it Church, but that’s what it is.  And the world needs more of us being and doing this kind of Church.

Life is better together,

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