Is That Duck Staring?

On my way into the church this morning, I spotted a blue heron, a mallard duck and several Canada geese hanging around the small pond built on the property.  They didn’t seem to pay me much attention to me, except for the mallard who was looking at me and sending out the “I’ve got my eye on you” vibe.  Just water fowl doing what water fowl do, I suppose.

Wild creatures hanging around what in a couple of hours will become a fairly busy campus.  Cars and people will begin moving around the now quiet sanctuary which is the pond.  The peaceful stillness of the morning will give way to the clamor of folks coming and going to church.  If the animals are aware enough to care, I wonder what the animals think of it all?  What do they make of us and our activities?  Do they really have their eyes on us?

Something about the cool morning, the sun rising on what looks like a day that may bring some rain, and the animals has me feeling a bit introspective.  How many mornings have I missed this interplay of humanity and nature?  How many times have I rushed to this task or that and not taken the time to literally smell the roses?  How often do I occupy space in this world without really living in it, fully aware of the rhythm of life around me?

As I worship today, I’ll be thinking about the larger picture, the way all nature sings the Creators name.  This is the day that the Lord has made…I’m thankful I was reminded it wasn’t made just for me.

Life is better together,

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