Who Am I? (Lent #1)

Shawn Franssens photoWho am I?

The perfect question to begin Lent.

Appropriately introspective.  Clearly self-reflective.

But, where does one begin to answer?  Here are a few of the things I am…


I am a man.

I am a white man.

I am privileged.

I am educated.

I am generally healthy.

I am a husband and father.

I am a son and uncle.

I am a pastor.

I am sometimes anxious about things I cannot control.

I am prone to cry (happy tears) when the underdog gets the girl, vanquishes the enemy, stands in the face of danger, and does the hard stuff when it would be easier to lay down, fade away, stay quite.

I am a storyteller and a collector of tales.

I am a reader.

I am a friend to many and a close friend to a few.

I am selfish.

I am arrogant.

I am guilty of holding hurts in my heart.

I am driven by recognition.

I am a poor gift-giver.

I am easy distracted.

I am a procrastinator.

I am creative.

I am a music lover.

I am a dreamer.

I am loved.

I am a jester.

I am an actor.


Most of all…

I am a child of God.

Whatever else I am, I want to keep this before me.  My identity is from and in God.  If this exercise of looking into the mirror has any value, it is this.  I am because I AM.

I am grateful for the reminder.

So, who do you say I am?  Who do you say you are?


Life is better together,Shawn

2 thoughts on “Who Am I? (Lent #1)

  1. You are an inspirer. I am one of your biggest fans. I am challeged to be closer to God because of what He does through you. Thanks for letting go. Thanks for trying again every day. 😉


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